Focus on Your Business. Let us Manage I.T.


Has This Ever Happened In Your Company?
  • Server crashed because the hard disk filled up?
  • Could not send/receive email?
  • Virus due to out of date patches and virus signatures?
  • Lost data due to backups that did not happen?
  • Productivity problems due to user installed software?
  • Could not access the Internet or a critical web site?
  • Users complained about poor performance, and you have no idea where to start looking?
Do You Expect…
  • Your IT systems to support the business without getting in the way of the business?
  • Your IT systems to work all of the time?
  • Problems to be anticipated and dealt with before they disrupt your business and your employees?
  • Assurances that you are protected against viruses and other technical threats to your business?
  • To be able to grow in an orderly, planned manner?
Introducing, The Proactive Watch Service
  • We constantly watch your servers, networks and critical applications.
  • We catch little things before they snowball and disrupt your business and your people.
  • We ensure that your anti-virus, patches and backups are up-to-date.
  • We review your system capacity, performance, and availability with you monthly so we can grow your systems before they become overloaded.
  • Disruptions to your business and your people are prevented.
  • Your protection against viruses and lost data is assured.
  • Critical services like Email and Internet access work all of the time.
  • You can add capacity before you need, it not after you need it.
  • You get easy to read reports that identify issues to address before they impact your business.