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CCi is now offering Cable Internet Services! Click here for more info.

VoIP is Here!

Cottage Country Internet is pleased to announce our brand new Digital Phone Service! For as little as 14.95/month think about all the talking you can do with your family and friends, knowing that it will not cost you a penny more.

CCi Digital Phone Service

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VoIP Product Launch – Stay Tuned!

What is VoIP, Broadband Phone, Internet Phone and Digital Phone Service?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also referred to as VoIP Phone, Digital Phone, Internet Phone or Broadband Phone service, is a way of making regular phone calls over a Broadband High Speed Internet connection instead of a regular telephone line. With VoIP, there are no unexplained service charges, or expensive monthly fees and lots of great features come standard. Unlimited local and long distance calling can be yours for as little as $15 per MONTH! This represents yearly savings of over $40 per month for many VoIP phone users.

You simply pick up your regular phone, dial a number and talk just like you would with a traditional phone service. It doesn’t matter if the person you are calling has a VoIP phone or a traditional phone service as this is all taken care of by your VoIP provider.

To make a VoIP phone call the only additional piece of equipment that you need is an Analog Telephone Adaptor (often called ATA). This is supplied by your VoIP provider when you sign up for service and it allows you to make phone calls using your regular telephone.

The only requirement for this technology is a Broadband High Speed Internet Service, such as DSL or Cable, since VoIP service relies on a High Speed Internet connection to work correctly.

Why switch to a VoIP solution? VoIP is cheap, easy to setup, and it is for everyone!

Please stay tuned! We are bring VoIP to you soon, for as little as $15/month!

Online Backup Starts at $2.99/Month!

CCi is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Online Backup Service!

For as little as $2.99/month you can be rest assured your important files are backed up and ready for recovery whenever you need them. To signup click the link below and stay tuned for more info on the service.

CCi Online Backup

Online Backup Service Coming Soon!

Cottage Country Internet is proud to announce the launch of our New Backup Service!

No more worrying about your files if that hard drive crashes, or if you are out of town and you need that important file. Shortly you will be able to access your backed up files from anywhere. Stay tuned for our December Launch!