Is Netflix or Apple TV supported?

Please visit each manufactures website to find out your requirements.

Netflix click here.

Apple TV click here.

Why is the installation price so much?

Why does it cost more than other High Speed Internet Offerings?

What happens if my equipment is damaged or fails?

These are very good questions. We hope the information below will help answer this for you.

You require an outdoor antenna to receive service. This piece of equipment is like a Satellite Receiver.

A cable must be run from the antenna which is mounted outside, into your premises and hooked into your computer or router.

CCi will have a specially trained technician to perform installation. While mounting the equipment is not difficult, it requires a specially trained technician to perform a proper installation. This will ensure you will enjoy service for years to come.

Installing service into rural areas such as the ones we live in simply costs more to deploy broadband services. Fuel, travel time and wear and tear on our vehicles.

This is the last reason, but also the most important. We at CCi believe in a very high quality service. We are experts in this field. We want our customers to receive the best quality of service we can offer. We sincerly hope you enjoy our services!

What is included in the basic installation?

Universal J-mount (like a satellite TV) and wall mount bracket.
Rental of Wireless broadband radio equipment with integrated Antenna. Larger external antennas are an extra cost if required.
Up to 75′ of cable & connectors
Single external wall penetration for Ethernet cabling (inside wall runs, attic or crawlspace available at an additional charge $99/hour)
Stapling of cabling to external wall.
Antenna installation and sighting.
Connection to single computer network card or to existing customer hub or switch.
Setup of basic TCP/IP networking and email setup of a single computer.
Setup of our wireless router (actual router is an extra charge) in a standard bridging mode, or routing mode with NAT and DHCP options as required by customer.
90-day Installation warranty. If a service call is required to customers site after the warranty period our standard billable rates are charged.

What is not provided during the basic installation?

Setup and configuration of more than one normal computer workstation. Configuration of customer supplied Servers, firewalls, routers, etc.
Troubleshooting and repairs to the customer computer(s) or local area network (Ethernet). Fishing cabling in walls, through attics, under floors, etc.

Any network cabling other than the cabling required to connect the Wireless equipment to a single port on a computer, router, firewall, or network switch / hub. Any special equipment required to mount an antenna in a difficult location or height than the basic install includes. Such as larger antennas for a more adequate signal, or tripods and masts.
Local area network equipment (hubs, switches, network cards). You will need an Ethernet LAN equipment or indoor wireless network if you intend to connect multiple computers to the wireless internet connection. Configuration of customer servers or network devices to integrate with our standards based equipment.

If your computer is in need of repairs to get the wireless hardware or software to function, the customer may choose to have CCi perform the repairs at that time or get the computer repaired at another location.
There may be additional costs required for various equipment and labour needed to overcome obstacles unique to your location such as: line of sight obstructions (trees, buildings, etc), difficult to work with construction of buildings, radio interference, etc. Custom installation services are available and billed separately.
Setup of additional computers is billed at $99 per hour (TCP/IP setup, single email setup, home page, connection testing).  All other services are quoted at time of site survey or install.
CCi is a full service computer networking company and can provide you with an excellent single source solution to most of your business computer needs.  We offer computer sales, installation services, repairs, consulting, networking, cabling, and more.

Standard Custom Installation options:

10 foot mast and non-penetrating sled roof mount for flat roofs – add $100
Chimney mount – add $99
Interior wall installation (under floor or in attic) – $99 per hour + parts
All other Consulting services, Computer repairs, Networking, etc. Hourly Rate $99/hour + travel time.

What is performed during a site survey?

A wireless technician will come to your location and test with a portable receiver and antenna unit to determine if there is sufficient signal to support an internet connection via our wireless network.  You will be notified if the installation will be standard, or require additional parts and labour at that time.

What is the difference between CCi technicians and other Internet providers?

Experienced computer technicians, knowledge of computer networks, Internet enthusiasts. We believe you should enjoy your Internet connection in the country as most do in the cities.

What if I have other questions?

Wireless Internet is an exciting, next-generation technology for high speed Internet access that is just starting to be deployed, so you may have questions not covered in this FAQ.

To learn more, please email us at sales@cottagecountry.net or give us a call at 705-286-6580 or toll free 866-629-6616 and we’ll be glad to help you with Wireless Internet!