Business DSL


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Business DSL – High Speed Internet via the phone line
Power DSL Ultra
6Mbs down/800kbps up
Promo $29.95/month for first 4 months
Regular $44.95/month

Promo pricing is based on a 1 year term. Early cancellation fee of $100 is applicable.

Regular pricing is month to month, no term, 30 day notice of cancellation.

All 1Mbps upload packages include a standard modem.

Business DSL FTTN – Faster Speeds where technology exists
10Mbps down/1Mbps up 16Mbps down/1Mbps up  25Mbps down/1Mbps up
$49.95/month $54.95/month $59.95/month
10Mbps down/10Mbps up* 16Mbps down/10Mbps up* 25Mbps down/10Mbps up*
$49.95/month $54.95/month $59.95/month
Our Fastest Plan
 50Mbps down/10Mbps up*


* VDSL Modem required for this service, Modem is $110.

Our 2017 Special Install fee for FTTN packages is $50 or $25 with a 1 year term

All Business packages are Unlimited.

Dry Loop Costs (one-time setup fee $15).

Dry Loop Rate Band A, B, C, & D $6.00/month
Dry Loop Rate Band E $13.25/month
Dry Loop Rate Band F $14.25/month
Dry Loop Rate Band G $25.00/month


Need onsite setup? Add $99 per hour plus $59/hour travel time.